(1953 - Present)

Bill is an accomplished sculptor and painter. He became a full-time artist in 1992 after working as an electronics technician for almost 19 years. He taught art at Arctic College in the mid-1990s. Nasogaluak’s professional art career began with painting, but in recent years he has focused primarily on his carvings.

“Now I mostly do carvings. I’ve been trying to get back into painting. It’s such a different way of expressing yourself; whereas carving is so soothing. It’s such physical work, and for me it’s very pleasing. Painting is more frustrating – it’s not as physical."

(Nasogaluak in Olson, 2002).

Bill's work was featured in a 1993 group show in San Francisco with his cousins Abraham Anghik Ruben and Joe Nasogaluak.