(1973 - Present)


Isaaci comes from a family of talented artists. His father, Etidlooie and mother, Mikluqtiktu are both well established artists. His grandfather was also the renowned sculptor Latcholassie Akesuk.

From an early age Isaaci was surrounded by carving and his natural talents soon became evident. His sculptures are marked by their fluidity of movement, perhaps best typified by the iconic “dancing bear”. Though emblematic of a joyous exuberance, dancing bears (and other animals) are rooted in the classic Inuit belief in the ability of the shaman to shape shift. Before his audience, the shaman would chant, perhaps drum, and dance. At the right moment he would shift from his human form to that of his spirit helper. One foot firmly planted in the world of everyday life, the other in the air, symbolic of the spiritual realm.