(1943 - 2010)


Lipa Pitsiulak moved to Pangnirtung in 1967 and became a successful printmaker and sculptor. One of his early prints, “The Disguised Archer,” was made into a Canadian postage stamp. In 1977, Lipa moved his family to an outpost camp, where he made a living as an artist and hunter. He is the subject of the film Lipa, produced by the National Film Board. Over the years, a number of Lipa's drawings have been made into prints and tapestries by the artists who work collectively in the Pangnirtung Print Shop and the Pangnirtung Tapestry Studio. Lipa's drawings and prints typically depict aspects of Inuit mythology passed down through oral storytelling over many generations. His interest in mythology and Inuit spirituality is also clearly evident in his carvings. Lipa is a visual storyteller par excellence.


-Excerpt from Uqqurmiut Center of Arts and Crafts


1. Shaman Hunter

Artist Lipa Pitsiulak

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