(1975 - Present)

     Born into an extremely talented family, Angela had the opportunity to learn many traditional Coast Salish skills from a very early age. Both her mother Jane and father David are accomplished artists, and her brothers Luke and John have continuously displayed incredible artist abilities of their own. She began weaving cedar bark when she was fourteen, studying first with Kathy Edgar and later Minney Peters. Angela affirms that she is deeply rewarded by the entire process of collecting and preparing cedar bark for weaving.

     One of her most recent accomplishments has been to design and make scarves and ties to be part of staff uniforms at the Vancouver International Airport. Her interests in fashion design are being pursued by the creation of painted silk scarves. Following the example of her mother, Jane Marston, Angela has taken a serious interest in the uses of Coast Salish traditional medicines. She has learned to make her own soaps and lotions from local plants she finds in the forest.

     In recent years she has expanded her talents to include finely carved and painted dance rattles as well as paddles, often incorporating her skill with decorative cedar bark weaving as part of the finishing details on these stunning works of art.