(1977 – Present)

Ashevak Adla began carving when he was just eleven years old, inspired by the work of his grandfather and senior carver Audla Pee. His other grandfather, Kalai Adla, also encouraged young Ashevak to pursue a career as a carver. Ashevak’s earliest works were often simplistic in form as he grappled with his craft, and he often produced carvings of bird and seal heads as practice. Since his early beginnings, Ashevak has become a full time carver in Cape Dorset where he continues to enjoy carving primarily wildlife subjects. Ashevak broadened the scope of his practice to include bear imagery upon witnessing celebrated carver Nuna Parr and his son, Jutani, working on their signature pieces. Ashevak has established himself as a respected and talented mid-career carver who specializes in a wide range of animal imagery, including prowling and dancing bears, energetic birds, and playful, whimsical marine mammals. Ashevak’s brothers, Etidloie Adla and the late Mappaluk Adla, are also professional carvers.