Cori Savard is a member of the Yahgu’laanaas Raven clan from Haida Gwaii. She initially moved away from her birthplace but maintained a strong connection to her Haida roots through regular visits to the Canadian Museum of Civilizations. In 2002, she returned to Haida Gwaii and immersed herself in the art of her ancestors, exploring various artistic disciplines such as 2-dimensional design, cedar weaving, painting, and attending workshops led by Robert Davidson. Cori is a former recipient of the YVR youth scholarship award as well as the YVR Frank O'Neill visionary award. These awards enabled her to begin and maintain a formal apprenticeship working with renowned Haida artist Reg Davidson for 8 years, learning carving techniques for masks, sculptures, and totem poles. Currently based in Skidegate, Haida Gwaii, Cori continues her artistic journey from her home studio while maintaining a working relationship with her mentor Reg and expanding her skills through collaboration with mentor Ben Davidson.