(1954 – Present)

Tahltan-Tlingit artist Dale Campbell was born in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, to Harry and Peggy Campbell, of the Raven and Wolf clan respectively. Dale’s native name is Tahlthama, which translates to ‘Tahltan Indian Mother.’ She still holds close ties to family and her Tahltan-Tlingit heritage, which inspires her artistic practice. Dale studied art under Dempsey Bob in 1972, and later went on to apprentice with Henry Green, Rick Adkins, and Victor Reece. These experiences gave Dale a much deeper awareness and understanding of her cultural history.

Since then, Dale has experienced various successes over the decades. In 1976, one of her eagle designs was selected as the new logo for the Museum of Northern B.C. She designed and carved a thirty-foot totem with her brothers, Terrence and Alvin Adkins, that was raised in 1982. In 1984, Dale completed a silver-smithing course at the Vancouver Vocational Institute which allowed Dale to expand her artistic repertoire. In the decades since, Dale has been a part of numerous monumental commissions and international art projects, often demonstrating Northwest Coast art and design on a global scale. In the interest of preserving her rich visual culture and sharing it with others, Dale has also taught art courses at Northwest Community College.