(1981 - Present, Tsimshian)

      The son of master carver David Boxley Sr., David R. Boxley was born in 1981 in Seattle, Washington. Raised in Metlakatla, Alaska, David began carving when he was six years old under the tutelage of his father. David’s carving is not only technically sound, but also displays a resounding respect for the spiritual power and exquisite artistry of Tsimshian art. Since 1997, David has exhibited his work in both Canada and the United States. He attended the Cornish College of Arts from 1999 to 2000, and also completed a course in advanced design with acclaimed Haida artist Robert Davidson. David is also a member of his father’s Tsimshian Haayuuk dance group, and regularly performs songs and dances across North America. Today David is a full-time carver and dancer based in Seattle.