(1977 – Present, Heiltsuk)
Born in 1977, Dean grew up in a culturally and artistically vibrant family that included his father, artist Bradley Hunt, as well as his brother, Shawn Hunt. Dean is a member of the Heiltsuk nation from Waglisla (Bella Bella). He creates beautiful jewelry in silver and gold, as well as masks and other wood objects, carving forms inspired by his heritage and his family. In 2009, Dean was selected to be included in an exhibition at the Bill Reid Gallery called, ‘Continuums: Vision and Creativity on the Northwest Coast.’ A mask Dean carved was highlighted in the ‘Shore, Forest, and Beyond’ exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2011. In 2014, Satellite Gallery hosted an exhibition titled, ‘Cindy Sherman Meets Dzunukwa,’ which featured another of Dean’s masks. Dean’s carvings are characterized by clean, fluid lines, bold and striking colours, and a keen interest in traditional narratives and legends.