(1967 – Present, Cape Dorset)

Born in 1967 in Cape Dorset, Goota Ashoona is a third generation artist, descended from one of the premier artistic families. Her grandmother was the late Pitseolak Ashoona, one of the earliest printmakers, and her parents were Kiawak Ashoona and Sorroseeleetu, an internationally acclaimed sculptor and a well-established printmaker, respectively. Today Goota lives in Yellowknife with her husband, Robert (Bob) Kussy and her twin sons, Joe and Sam.

Goota is best known for her work in soapstone and whalebone, though she has also created wallhangings, charming Inuit dolls, and graphic arts. Her stone sculptures reveal the strong influence of her father’s style while her whalebone carvings are revered for her delicate but detailed treatment of figurative subjects, most often women and children compositions. Goota is also a talented throat-singer, and in 2004, she was invited to perform alongside the CBC symphony orchestra in a nationally broadcast performance. Many of her works can be found in major collections, and she has also served as a representative and advocate of Inuit art abroad.