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...  we are introducing some amazing talents that are new to the gallery, including Jamie Look, Meghann O'Brien, and Lavinia Van Heuvelen.

This collection features an interesting array of unusual materials, including copper, muskox and bison horn, narwhal tusk ivory, and carved wood, as well as silver and gold works. Some pieces have been fashioned into traditional objects, such as Matthew Nuqingaaq's snow goggles and ulu earrings, or Wilfred Sampson's carved maskettes. Other works use the natural forms of the medium in the design, such as the bear claw pendants by Mathew Nuqingaaq and Jamie Look's muskox horn pendants. Abstracted shapes such as Mark Preston's button blanket earrings and ebony abstract pendants representing formline elements are simple yet eye catching.  Lavinia Van Heuvelen's lovely pendant and earrings featuring narwhal tusk in silver settings depict the natural phenomenon of the arctic Sun Dog. Of course, traditional Northwest Coast symbols such as wolf, eagle, bear and hummingbird feature in the work of Hollie Bartlett and other Northwest Coast favorites.

The gallery is also pleased to present a magnificent Bear Cub ring embellished with extensive abalone inlay created by Bill Reid in 1991. If you are interested in Bill Reid jewelry, please  let us know as the gallery does have these special works available from time to time.

We invite you to enjoy the collection; there is sure to be something to please you.

All works are available immediately.

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