(1963 – Present, Pangnirtung)

Born in 1963 on Broughton Island, Jolly Atagoyak ( Attagoyuk ) studied woodcut printmaking at Arctic College before relocating to Iqaluit to further his education. In Iqaluit, Jolly studied etching, stencil, silk screening, and watercolour and oil painting, graduating with a diploma in fine arts in 1994. He then relocated to Pangnirtung, where he has since been an active member of the vibrant arts community and regular contributor to the Uqqurmiut Centre for Printmakers. Jolly enjoys sharing his knowledge and his passion for arts through teaching, and he regularly attends arts festivals both in Arctic Canada and southern Canada to promote the work produced by Pangnirtung artists and printmakers. In 2001, Jolly attended a jeweler’s course at Arctic College and he has since translated his two-dimensional talent to metalworking.