(1982 - Present)

Born in 1982, Kelly Cannell is emerging as a prominent Coast Salish artist from the Musqueam Nation in Vancouver, BC. She is the daughter of the well known graphic artist Susan Point. Since birth, Kelly has been exposed to lots of Coast Salish art and has been immersed in the culture of her people. At the age of 12, Kelly began her art career with her first collaborative silk screen print. She has a passion for traveling, meeting new people, and learning about new cultures which has become the foundation of her artistic inspiration. While familiar with many different mediums, Kelly has pursued her passion for glass work, studying at Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington and The Glass Furnace in Istanbul, Turkey.

In an effort to constantly redefine her style and perspective, Kelly continues to challenge herself by expanding on traditional themes as well as by pushing the boundaries of contemporary Coast Salish art. Kelly’s work can be found on public display all throughout the City of Vancouver, such as on storm drain covers which she created with her mother, or incorporated into residential and commercial building designs.