(1973 - Present, Haida)

     Marcel Russ was born in Massett, Haida Gwaii on March 10, 1973, and has been exposed to traditional Haida art for his entire life. He is a Raven and his family name is Jahku-laanass. Marcel was taught argillite carving at a very early age by his father, artist Ron Russ. In the years that he has been carving, Marcel has worked with a number of elder artists, including Jim Hart, Bill Reid, Phil Janze, and Dempsey Bob.

     Marcel works in argillite, silver and gold, and is also an accomplished wood carver, having completed a 22-foot totem pole for the entrance of the Museum of Northern BC. He has also carved several masks for the museum’s private collection. Marcel Russ now lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia, which has been his home since 2002.