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Ningiukulu Teevee's drawings are colourful and often whimsical with metaphoric references to contemporary issues, as is seen in Getting Her Skinny, in which a walrus is sipping a sugar free soda while lifting a hand weight, or in Modern Raven's New Boots, where we see feathered legs peeping from the top of high-heeled boots.
On the other hand, Tim Pitsiulak's depictions of animals and everyday objects are intense and often resemble portraits, as found in drawings like the Udjuk (Bearded Seal) which turns in three-quarter profile to look at the viewer.
Ningeokuluk Teevee has a comprehensive knowledge of Inuit legend, learned to a great extent from Mialia Jaw and her art works often refer to much loved characters such as Sedna, Fox Woman, and Owl and Raven.
Tim Pitsiulak is a hunter as well as an artist and we see this in both his keen observation of animals and transformation subjects, as in the parka-clad whale in Close Quarters, and his obvious love of northern sights as found in Signs of Summer and 620E.
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