In August, gallery Director/Owner, Melanie Zavediuk, travelled to Cambridge Bay, Nunavut to speak at NACA's Nunavut Arts Festival. This annual festival brings artists from across Nunavut to show their works, collaborate with other artists and to experience working with different mediums. This year's festival was scheduled to coincide with the visit of the Crystal Serenity, the first luxury cruise ship to sail the Northwest Passage.  Here are a few photos of the area and some of the talented artists that were at the festival.

  Cambridge Bay, Nunavut 
  Nunavut Arts Festival venue
  After the "Talk with the Galleries". From left: Debbie Jones, Vice President of Art Marketing, Arctic Co-operatives Ltd, Tom Ka Director of SAW Gallery, Ottawa, Melanie Zavediuk, Inuit Gallery of Vancouver, Lisa Pai of L.A. Pai Gallery, Ottawa.
  Lavinia Van Heuvelin, artist
  Elizabeth Gordon, artist
  Sandra Rideout, artist
  Roy Klengenberg, artist
  Lisa Pai of the L.A. Pai Gallery, Kathleen Nicols of NACA, Melanie Zavediuk, Inuit Gallery of Vancouver
  In the process of raising The Maud
  The Maud
  Reclaimed timbers and spikes from The Maud
  The Crystal Serenity, just outside of Cambridge Bay
  Displays in the Cultural Center inside Kiilinik High School library.
  John Sabourin, artist, Yellowknife