(1942 - Present) 

I enjoy drawing animals and I’m amazed at how they survive up here in the north. Without them, my family would never have survived. I also draw people camping because I am reminded of old times when we lived on the land. Those were good times.
-Papiara Tukiki

Papiara Tukiki has been a delightful mainstay of the annual Cape Dorset print collection since her first prints were introduced in 2004. Her simple forms capture the essence of her subject - whether it be human or animal or some combination of the two, as in her Loon Spirit of 2012. Papiara demonstrates an innate sense of design. In 1977 she received an Award of Excellence for her original design in the “Things That Make us Beautiful” competition organized by the Department of Indian and Northern Development. Born on Christmas Day, 1942, Papiara is married to Qopie Tukiki, a long-time employee of the community’s Housing Association. They live together in Cape Dorset.

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