Show opening at 10am Vancouver time on Saturday, January 25th. 


Please note that the shopping cart is currently not enabled and will not be enabled for this exhibition opening.  Should you be interested in an artwork, please contact the gallery at 604-688-7323 or toll free 1-888-615-8399.


The New Year is a time for new beginnings and so it is with the Inuit Gallery. January 2014 features the 11th annual Small Treasures exhibition and inaugurates a brand new web site. On our new site, there are multiple options of how to view the pages and more ways to search our site for what interests you, whether by artist, subject matter, medium and more. Please take an opportunity to explore our new site and please visit again as there will be ongoing improvements over the course of the next few months.


Small Treasures has always been an appropriate title for this exhibition as these sculptures beg to be picked up and handled. Regardless of size, they are certainly to be treasured. Small Treasures is one of our perennial favorite shows to source and to offer to our family of collectors. This year’s collection covers the geographical gamut of the Canadian Arctic as well as the full range of Inuit sculpting mediums. There are the luscious serpentine creations from Baffin Island along with the now more frequently found marble. There are works in caribou antler and bone, musk ox horn as well as ivory and whale bone.


With over 120 works of art to choose from this is one of the largest Small Treasures we have ever held. Each piece was selected with great care and the sheer number and variety makes it impossible to list a rational for inclusion of each one. We would like to point out a few highlights. The exquisite winged insects by Tapugai are of particular note, with translucently thin stone wings. From various artists there are the ever charming dancing bears, their joyous abandon rooted in the age old ability of the shaman to shape shift. There are numerous birds, always a favorite subject for both artist and collector. We are pleased to have a very fine example of Joe Talirunili as well as a classic Sedna from Cape Dorset which, though unsigned, we feel is likely the work of the late Qaqa Ashoona. We could go on but suffice to say that there is something for every taste and budget.


All works will be available for purchase at 10AM Vancouver time on Saturday, January 25th. We look forward to discussing the art, as well as the changes to our web page. In most cases there are multiple views of each work on our revised web pages but we do have additional images of any of these special sculptures which we would be pleased to share with you.


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