(1970 – Present, Gitksan/Tsimshian)

Trevor Angus is of Gitksan-Tsimshian heritage and takes the frog as his family crest. Born in Hazelton, British Columbia in 1970, Trevor has trained with a number of prominent Northwest Coast artists including Ken Mowatt and Vernon Stephens. Ken completed a four-year carving program in 1993 at the Ksan School of Art in his hometown, which provided him with both technical woodworking skills as well as an understanding of traditional design. As a jeweler, Trevor spent six weeks training with Art Wilson and later worked with Shawn Edenshaw and Robert Tait. He also completed a course in Jewellery Arts at the Native Education Centre in Vancouver. Today Trevor is a promising artist with a firm grasp on artistic traditions and a vested interest in the preservation of his cultural legacy for future generations.