Beaver: Master Builder

Artist Lyle Wilson

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22.5” x 30”
This is a pencil drawing on heavy-duty paper --- it was created during my early
work with the “Image Recovery Project” at the UBC Museum of Anthropology. NUGWA studied many historical painted PNC images on boxes, leather, inside/outside house-screens. Since NUGWA was trained as a printer, traditional PNC painting was a natural (and extremely interesting) extension of 2-dimensional PNC imagery.
   NUGWA was asked to bid for a job that wanted to include PNC artwork. NUGWA completed this drawing for a large PNC traditional painting that also featured traditional PNC techniques unfamiliar to most people (including PNC artists).  Unlike the areas of carving and jewelery, at that time, PNC painting was not really widely known, or accepted, so my bid was unsuccessful. NUGWA kept the proposal thinking one day it may become a reality but as life went on, it became obvious that it will probably be some other PNC artist having more success with larger scale PNC paintings.
--- by Lyle Wilson