Art & Eagles

Artist Lyle Wilson

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Haisla, 1982
Silkscreen, Pencil

22” x 15”

Remarque III/IV

 This print came about during the earlier period of the resurgence of PNC “art.” During those earlier times, many art curators and galleries questioned the validity of including PNC material as art  --- arguing it was craft ---  and if it was art, “Was it really Fine Art?”.
   Being young and naïve, NUGWA always thought of PNC carvings as obviously being art. It surprised, and rankled, NUGWA that PNC “art” could be judged, compartmentalized and excluded from public venues such as the Vancouver Art Gallery.
   While the inclusion of the English word “art” is not traditional PNC content, NUGWA incorporated it to “share” the same space as a PNC Eagle; thus my personal example of PNC “protest” art came into existence with an attitude of: “Take it or leave it.”
   NUGWA have to confess --- like the others --- this print has not been popular but, being popular was never the intent.

--- by Lyle Wilson