Woman's Healing Medicine Paddle

Artist Angela Marston


Coast Salish
Yellow Cedar, Cedar Root, Copper
61" x 6" x 1"

"This paddle is inspired from women's medicine. I have depicted the traditional wave design, and the moon. I have a new appreciation for the healing properties of water to cleanse our spirits and help us heal. It is said that the moon is not only a healer but regulator of women's healing.

When I was younger I used to play in the creeks and rivers. I used to dance in the rain and will still often go for walks when it's pouring rain. My mother has always taught us to thank the water for nourishing our bodies and spirits.

I think I have reached a place where I am almost searching for any and all healing I can find. I have also come to appreciate, even more so, the culture that I was raised in and the beliefs that we have."

- Angela Marston