Naaw Naaw, It’s a Nuu Piece

Artist Cori Savard

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Red Cedar    
11.75” x 11.25” x 7”

Pronounced “Now Now, it’s a new piece” is a play on words using the Southern (Naaw) and Northern (Nuu) Haida dialect words for “Octopus”.

The Octopus, or Devilfish is a crest of the Yahgu’laanas clan, to which I belong. As a woman, I use “Yahgu’jaanas” when speaking of myself, and of the women of my clan.

The Octopus is a highly intelligent ocean being, who has the ability to adapt to the challenges it is faced with. With this work, I celebrate the adaptability of the Haida people, and the relentless efforts of past and present generations to reclaim and preserve the Haida language, in all dialects, for our future generations.

- Cori Savard