3. The Estuary

Artist Leah Pipe

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Hazelton (Non-Indigenous)
Acrylic on Canvas
12” x 12”

THE ESTUARY (Peregrine falcon)
Peregrine falcons are iconic predators of the skies. They swoop and glide in large circles, 300 meters above the ground. They live all over the world, from the tundra to the desert but they can most often be found in estuaries. They love the open views and the offerings of waterfowl and small birds. Their high protein diet makes them fast-moving, stooping in the air for their prey, sometimes at 180kms per hour. Fast, fierce, precise, making bold, confident moves in their quest for sustenance and survival. Train your mind to be that of a falcon. Steady your pulse. Calm your thoughts. Focus and flourish in your pursuits. Follow the falcons.

- Leah Pipe