I would like to acknowledge and thank the co-operatives, artists and many other people who have worked with us for decades to bring original art from the Arctic and from the Northwest Coast to the Inuit Gallery.

We decided to commission two commemorative prints to celebrate the gallery’s 40th anniversary and a tremendous amount of thought, work and time went into the making of these prints. Thank you to Ningiukulu Teevee for her beautiful artistry as well as John Westren, David Hannan and Paige Connell at Dorset Fine Arts for working with the printers at Open Studio to create the print edition, Ravin’ Raven. Our Northwest Coast print was created by artist Lyle Wilson who spent countless hours designing, creating and overseeing the exquisite print edition of Blue Jay specially for this occasion.

There are many other people who have worked alongside the gallery in various capacities over the years and whose friendship and affability make the work such a joy, including: Lance Webb, Wing Liu, Jeff Weddell, Kenji Nagai, Eleanor Ajram and George Pantages.

I wish to express my gratitude to our outstanding art consultants Markus Bautz, Lynn Beavis, Marina Greeno-McNeil, Jerina Hajno, Pam Steeper, and our invaluable support staff Katsura and Philip Lee, and Greyson Lee. You are all a pleasure to work with and see everyday. I would also like to acknowledge the indomitable Bob Selley, who thinks he has retired but who we keep managing to bring back to the gallery from time to time; my husband Greg Shulman, who has created a beautiful website for the gallery and who keeps all things technical in tip top shape; and a heartfelt thank you to my very close friend and mentor Linda Nelson, without whom none of this would be possible.

Finally, thank you to all of the artists and clients who have become good friends over the years. How wonderful it is to share our mutual passion for art together.

Melanie Zavediuk
Director / Owner

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