(1969 – Present; Haida)

Born in 1969 in Masset, on Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands), Lyle Campbell first began carving at the age of eight. Fascinated by the local Haida carvings, Lyle expanded his artistic practice to include woodcarving when he was fourteen. He spent several years carefully observing the styles, designs, and techniques of the Northwest Coast’s premier artists and carvers, all the while cultivating his own personal style. Lyle graduated from the Gitanmax School of Northwest Coast Art and has since worked with celebrated artists including Henry Green and Robert Davidson. Lyle continues to carve wood, and he also works with argillite and jewelry, and blankets and dance regalia. Lyle often blends traditional Haida legends with his personal experiences and significant life events, giving his work a contemporary perspective that reflects the condition of First Nations life today