(1981 – Present, Kwakwaka’wakw)

The son of acclaimed carver Wayne Alfred, Marcus Alfred was born in 1981 in Campbell River, located on the east coast of Vancouver Island. He is a member of the Tlowitis First Nation and claims Nuu Chah Nulth and Tlingit ancestry in addition to his Kwakwaka’wakw roots. His father taught Marcus the history and significance of carving, and its centrality to the re-establishment of a thriving cultural legacy. Much of his training was gained while assisting established artists such as his uncle, Beau Dick, and Don Svanvik. As a carver, Marcus is highly technical, often embracing the styles and approaches used by his father and his uncle. Marcus also actively participates in ceremonial traditions, such as dances and potlatches, which help to deepen his understanding of masks and their potential power.