Ulaayu Pilurtuut resides in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik (Northern Quebec).  Born in 1964, Ulaayu is a mother, a grandmother and has been teaching in Inuttitut for the past 25 years for Kativik School Board in Nunavik.  She is currently working for Nunavik Sivunitsavut in Montreal.

Both of her parents were very talented and Ulaayu inherited their skills. Her father was a carver and her mother was very good at sewing and made wall hangings. She used to watch them work together and is very grateful for having this talent passed on to her.

Ulaayu has been making art since she was in school. She has sold her art to individuals and businesses, has designed some logos and murals, and she also designed a $5 coin collectible in 2003 for the Royal Canadian mint. She has done three stain-glass windows on various office and school buildings.

Ulaayu enjoys working with micro-pigma pens, acrylic, oil painting, glass painting and she recently finished a workshop on lino cut print making. She loves to sew and go outdoors to camp. Her favourite activities are fishing and sharing her talent with her students and others.

Often, Ulaayu collaborates with her husband Alec Gordon.