The Cliff

Artist Leah Pipe

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Hazelton (Non-Indigenous)
Acrylic on Canvas
12” x 12”

THE CLIFF (GyrFalcon)
The GyrFalcon is the world's largest falcon! It's also the most powerful and rare. It doesn't head south for the winter – it stays in the Arctic, hunting prey in the most frigid and dark landscape. Surviving and thriving in such a hostile environment gives this raptor a royalty-level ranking. With a wing span of approximately 4ft, it can take down prey that’s twice it's size! They like a long view and therefore, nest on cliff ledges so they can see everything around them. What can we learn from the GyrFalcon? Be stealthy, powerful, intense – watch over your surroundings, survive the unsurvivable! You can make it through anything. Allow the GyrFalcon to strengthen your weary heart.

- Leah Pipe